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When there is no time for a multi-step visualization of your idea, and you need the result right now, a design concept will help you out. With this, you can quickly present and test your idea and use it as a guide for further development. We can help you develop up to four product screens, the optimal number for a spectacular presentation.

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We Will Create a Concept and Turn it into a Clickable Prototype in Seven Days

With the ready-made prototype, you can easily visualize the user flow: click on the buttons and test the main scenarios. This is particularly useful when you need to show investors and your target audience how your product will work.

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Why You Need a Design Concept

A company founder usually has a lot of ideas. However, to implement them correctly and get the desired result, you need to test hypotheses, probe the market, and find a PMF. You definitely need a design concept if your list of tasks includes:

Predicting demand

Predicting demand

Basic market research is not enough to risk the entire budget. It is important to look at the product from the consumer's point of view. To get valuable feedback from the audience, we can test the idea with MVP. The idea is simple: we assemble a clickable prototype specifically for your project, and you see the target audience's reaction to the product.

Simplifying the idea

Simplifying the idea

Ambitious plans are great, but it's important to understand how well they match your technical resources. Show developers the concept to find weaknesses and assess the scalability of your project right away.

Attracting investment

Attracting investment

Venture capitalists have learned from bitter experience: too many good ideas fail due to crude implementation. Now investors are looking at the figures and the seriousness of the intentions. The best way to convince them that the product is promising is to show them an interactive prototype.

The Results of Our Work

The design of the main screens

Have finished sections of your product's interface to show to shareholders and investors before going into production.

Everything is ready for development

UI design with trendy colors and typography.

Clickable prototype

Basic scripts in Figma to gather feedback or present the product's functions.

Pre-MVP packaging

Developers will be able to easily translate elements of the prototype into an actual MVP product.

Our Cases

We use a simple set of UI elements in our design concepts. This is convenient: during development: it's easy to experiment with colors and typography, and you can "play with fonts."

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Betero App

Promotion for the iGaming niche application.

  • Figma files with all the assets
  • Animated presentation-ready asset
  • Design of 5 blocks of the landing page

Loyello – Marketplace

Marketplace for a pharmaceutical chain in Austria.

  • Design of 3 main pages
  • Ready for MVP implementation
  • Figma files with all the assets
  • UI components for further use

Krypt View Promo Landing

The first Research-to-Earn platform for crypto. Goal: to make cryptocurrencies a more secure and understandable space for everyone.

  • Design of 8 blocks of the landing page
  • Figma files with all the assets
  • Presentation-ready visuals

Econsy Fintech App

Fintech app for bill splitting and expense tracking.

  • Animated presentation-ready asset
  • Design of 4 main screens
  • Ready for MVP implementation
  • Figma files with all the assets

Slots Up

Design for the iGaming niche project

  • Design of 10 main pages
  • Presentation ready asset
  • Figma files with all the assets
  • UI components for further use

Gear Trader E-commerce

Marketplace for used musical instruments

  • Presentation-ready visuals
  • Design of 6 main pages
  • Figma files with all the assets

We'll Show You the Result in a Week

Place an order, and in seven days, you'll get a cool concept for your product:

Day 1 Request
Day 2 Meeting
Day 3 Start the work
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7 Result
Day 1 Request

We will contact you and arrange a meeting within 1-2 weekdays.

Day 2 Meeting

We discuss all the details and answer questions.

Day 3-6 Start the work

We will develop a fast and scalable solution, taking into account the scope of the task and the needs of your business.

Day 7 Result

In just one week, we will send you the finished concept.

01Full prepayment
02One week
03One iteration

We offer an affordable price by limiting the number of edits per concept. We can make small changes to copy and layouts, but we do significant revisions only on new terms.

04Unique concept + clickable prototype
05Great for startups or small teams

Choose Plan

An app, a dashboard, or a landing page — what kind of product do you want to create? We have a plan for every idea. Choose the ideal solution for your product development:

Give Your Design a Boost

Can't find everything you need in the standard rates? Add a boost! With value-added services, you can create without limits. With these extra features, your design will definitely stand out against the standard, copy-cat competitors' sites:

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Our Approach and Goals in a Nutshell

We don't use templates — our team works with design-based methodologies. We adapt them to the client's goals, which is guaranteed to give a unique result for each project. Our SEO-friendly and data-driven design based on the finished product model will help you to promote your project quickly and effectively.

Igor Frolovskiy
CEO, Head of Design


We have answered the most frequent questions of our customers to make it easier for you to choose a rate and make an order.

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What is a concept, and what does it consist of?

A concept is a carefully worked-out design of your future product, an interactive visualization of the main screens. It roughly shows which functions your product could have. Usually, its development takes months. The same amount of time is spent on endless discussions and messages in chats. Our system allows you to narrow down the idea to just the basic functions, which saves time and budget. A basic concept/home page design in other teams will cost $50,000, and its creation will take 14 to 21 days. We offer an alternative — a fast and powerful concept of the same product from $364 in just seven days. Simple and easy.

Who is Concepterra?

Concepterra is an AffArts product. We create projects for startups, companies, and SEO teams on a finished product model with a focus on results and business value. We launch our own startups and have successfully completed over 194 projects. The world is full of ideas that remain unexplored. Concepterra strives to give them wings.

What is a concept for?

It can be used in promotional materials, shown to stakeholders and investors, easily scaled to the project MVP, and shown to the target audience to collect feedback. The concept will be useful for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, founders, and even designers who need an outsider's perspective.

Why choose Concepterra?

A freelancer can disappear when you need them the most, and an agency can waste a lot of time on formalities. Our product has a simple proven workflow. A large design staff with expertise in 21+ niches allows you to quickly connect with professionals with experience relevant to the project. And our framework, to reduce the idea to its basic features, will save you time and budget. We work smoothly and transparently: no surprises on deadlines and costs.

What if I want to change something?

We limit the number of edits, so we can offer a competitive price. Only minor changes are included in the price. Conceptual changes to the project are billed additionally.

What if I want to continue working on the concept?

The concept is just the beginning. If the project is approved, we'd love to continue to develop the idea and turn it into a full-fledged product with the AffArts team. A seamless experience with transparent processes awaits you — your idea will become a finished product in the blink of an eye.

What are design add-ons?

  1. The Branding add-on includes a logo, typography selection (font pairing), and a set of brand colors.
  2. The extended concept add-on allows you to cover more features with more screens.
  3. Custom graphics — custom illustrations or icons with which your project gets its own individual style.
  4. Responsive includes adaptive versions of the prototype for different screen sizes.
  5. The Hero-illustration add-on is a custom 2D or 3D illustration that captures the essence of a concept or points to a specific feature.
  6. Dark/Light Theme — an add-on that lets you create a dark or light theme for an initial set of screens.
  7. Revision is a draft transfer of the design so that you can suggest specific edits if necessary.

These elements will make the concept more advanced, but the delivery time and budget will change. We will discuss the exact cost at the first meeting.

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